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About Us


Mission Statement:

Our goal at “Workforce Career Readiness©” is to ensure that businesses and organizations have a competent workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a 21st century marketplace.

We aim to develop a flexible and agile workforce who at a moment’s notice can, “learn, unlearn, and relearn”.  For in the opinion of futurist and author, Alvin Toffler, those who cannot do that in the 21st century, it will be they who are classified as “The Illiterate”.

We will stress and emphasize that in order for individuals to be competitive in the “rapidly changing global marketplace” they will have to graduate from high school with more skills than simply the ability to read and write.

We at WCR, specialize in preparing graduates to enter college, postsecondary training, and the workforce with both the attitude and the skills to succeed and thrive.

Leadership Team:

Dr. Corinthia Price is the CEO and Founder of Workforce Career Readiness.  She is an entrepreneur, scholar, researcher, and author who specializes in 21st century college & career readiness, entrepreneurship education, and workforce and professional development trainings.

Dr. Price’s research is centered on preparing individuals to be competitive and successful in the 21st century global marketplace. She has presented research papers at various national and international conferences.  Her focus is on workplace learning, continuous professional development, and skills and competencies training for success in the 21st century.

Dr.Corinthia Price has a doctorate in Educational Administration, a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science, and a Bachelor in Professional Studies in Hospitality Administration.

Jacqueline Bracey is the Director of Community Relations at Workforce Career Readiness.  She has numerous years of experience in community relations, event planning, and parent advocacy.  Jacqueline worked as a Career Specialist for many years before becoming a homeschool educator.   She firmly believes that all children deserve a meaningful education and positive holistic learning environment.  Jacqueline was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2015 by Heartland Community Association where she is serving on the Resident Advisory Board.

She has an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies and has numerous certifications in homeschool education, parent advocacy, and vocational training.  As a homeschool educator she believes true education starts at home.

Workforce Career Readiness Motto:

To Strengthen and Empower Individuals To Become Successful In The 21st Century